Our Services


Building the brand, creating a strong brand image, and cementing long-lasting positioning: our job is to tell the story of a business and make it visible and recognisable.
Brand strategy, naming, logo design, corporate identity, type design, packaging, storytelling.


Managing complex projects, creating functional and high impact websites, designing e-commerce platforms, defining a coordinated and coherent online presence, using the available tools in order to be visible on the net and search engines, taking advantage of mobile technology: our goal is to let you navigate accross calm waters.
Web concept, design & development, web marketing, SEO, web writing, newsletters, app development.


Having a social network presence that is coordinated and coherent with the business image, producing relevant and interesting content, developing and managing positive relationships with the community, creating involvement and attention: our job is to help you create networks within the network.
Content & community management, social engagement, blog relations, influencer marketing, digital identity.


Creating effective and creative campaigns, skilfully combining visuals and content, accurately planning offline (press, billposting, TV, radio) and online (sponsored announcements on social networks, Google Adwords, banners) budget and media, experimenting with non conventional language and media: our mission is to make your work and your value visible.
Creativity, media planning, guerilla&viral marketing, social advertising, keyword advertising.


Arranging professional photo services, helping you identify the right location, mood and professionals, producing high impact videos, combining technique and emotions, always keeping the strength of the images together with a more complete communication strategy: our job is to show you for who you are and to show you at your best.
Photo and video production, site visits, casting, post-production, video editing.


Setting up exhibition stands, designing a store, arranging event set-up, blending visual communications skills with architectural skills: our role is to make your spaces attractive, welcoming and functional.
Flagship stores, setting-up events, trade fair stand design.